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JM International

JM International (JMI) is a global network of NGOs that provide opportunities for young people and children to develop through music across all boundaries. Open to all styles of music, we work for and with youth, harnessing the power of music to bridge social, geographical and cultural divides, creating an international platform for intercultural dialogue and acceptance.

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Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership protects standing tropical rainforests by working directly with local and indigenous communities, organizations, and governments at all levels in community-centered conservation projects. We target the root causes of deforestation and sustain long-lasting rainforest conservation through: 

- Community empowerment and sustainable livelihoods
- Conservation management and forest regeneration
- Biodiversity research and environmental education
- Global activation and engagement programs

From the Peruvian Tropical Andes to the Ecuadorian Amazon, our holistic, ground-up solutions and trust-based partnerships support resilient communities, preserve and regenerate critical ecosystems, and create long-lasting conservation impact.

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