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AY Young Receives the First JMI Greenote Award!

JM International is the world’s largest youth-music nonprofit dedicated to empowering and connecting youth and children through music. In 2022, JMI teamed up with Rainforest Partnership for World Rainforest Day, calling on the musicians of the world to dedicate songs for the forest. We received hundreds of amazing entries from all around the world by artists that truly care about our planet.

One of the artists that joined the campaign was US-based entertainer AY Young.

AY is truly a force of nature, not only is he a phenomenal producer, singer and songwriter, but he is also the creator of "Battery Tour" a series of performances powered completely by renewable energy. His more recent initiative is “Project17”, an album made in collaboration with earth's biggest artists to create one song for each of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For his dedication to using his music and platform as means to inspire and engage audiences in the fight against climate collapse, for going beyond the talk and walking the walk, JMI International has awarded AY Young with its’ inaugural JMI Green Note Award!

The JMI Green Note Award was launched in 2022 in order to highlight the work of exceptional musicians who are making a difference in the fight for our planet and for all the life that it sustains. In time, the hope is to create a network of musical ambassadors that inspire, awaken and spread joy, with rhythms of hope to generate a space of understanding and connection with our planet.

To find out more about AY Young check out

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