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The JMI Greenote Award recognises young musicians engaged in raising awareness around the biggest environmental challenges affecting our planet. Now in its second year, the award celebrates our connection to the planet and to each other, honouring and supporting artists who are committed to fighting climate collapse and promoting projects around sustainability.

If you’re a young musician with an environmental music project, we’d love to hear all about it! Enter before December 31st.


We invite nominations of outstanding young musicians under 30 who are passionately working towards environmental sustainability, fighting climate change, and actively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Entries are open to several forms of expression and could take the form of a song, project or collaboration.

Application Guidelines

  1. Applicants must clearly demonstrate how they are using the power of music to raise awareness around important environmental challenges.

  2. Please submit a video of yourself explaining the project as well as a project description, supporting pictures, music and video.

  3. For songs, please must submit English translations (for songs not in English).

  4. Musicians must be under 30 years of age.

  5. Deadline 31 Dec 2023.

Selection Criteria

We use the following judging criteria:

  1. Musical Quality (10 points)
    Is there artistic quality to the project?

  2. Environmental Relevance (10 Points)
    Does your project take on a certain topic? To what degree does it connect with the issue and bring attention to it?

  3. Impact (5 points)
    Are you already making an impact with your project or is there a potential for your project to make a bigger impact in the future?

What can you win?

On top of the recognition of your work by a global music network, winners will receive a €1,000 cash prize to support their environmental efforts, as well as a joint media campaign to give your project the visibility it deserves.​

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